Reach Higher with the Cambridge Pathway at Wycherley International School

Choosing the right school for your child is the biggest challenge you might face as a parent, when your child is about to start school. Deciding on where your child goes to school, can be very personal and difficult. It’s common for all parents to feel anxious about getting this decision right. Think about what will work best for your child’s personality, strengths, needs and interests. You might also want to consider if different cultures and values followed by different schools, fit with your family values and family life.

Wycherley, with a proud heritage of over 35 years of Academic Excellence, offering the world renowned Cambridge Curriculum, has certainly secured the position as one of the most successful and prestigious schools in Sri Lanka. Recognized as an institution, whose exceptional Academic standards sit easily beside great endeavor and success in a wide range of other activities, students of Wycherley are also taught to think and excel in life by keeping in mind, the Sri Lankan traditions and values. Grooming young minds to challenge any stance and think out of the box is the well-equipped syllabus the school follows, which is the Cambridge qualification.

At Wycherley the curriculum being offered from play-group to Advanced Level typically adheres to the teaching methods and curricula put together by Cambridge International Examinations.

While opting for this well balanced program, brings a plethora of benefits the school offers, which is the element of convenience to both, the students and parents. It is internationally recognized and is offered in a number of leading schools worldwide. Apart from the 5 main Cambridge subjects which are English, Mathematics, Science, ICT and Global Perspectives, the school offers French and German as foreign languages, Sinhala and Tamil as Link Languages and all four religions are taught within the Cambridge Curriculum. 

Parents who are in the peak of their career and seeking to explore prospects overseas, can confidently take the leap, if their children are in the midst of the Cambridge qualification, as it is recognized worldwide. 

As education systems grow in independence and sophistication, it essentially tracks and manages the same in its accredited schools around the world. Parents can be assured that the education adopted by Wycherley, which is the world recognized Cambridge syllabus, is broad and offering the skills and understanding to students, allowing the ability to think and act for themselves, engage positively with those around them, and to reap the benefits of the opportunities the world offers, all whilst approaching the challenges of life with confidence.

 Introduce your children to the Cambridge Pathway through Wycherley International School and you will give them their passport to the world.

 Online applications are now been accepted for the New Academic Year which will commence in 

August 2020. 


Visit : www.wycherley.lk or call us on Wycherley International School – Colombo – 0777 730730,

Wycherley International School – Gampaha – 0770 037037 to obtain more information on the Cambridge Advantage.

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