Measuring your Child’s Potential and Progress through Cambridge Evaluations

Wycherley International School sets standards by pioneering to be the First and Only School to follow the CEM Assessments System of evaluation endorsed by Cambridge University.

 The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) is part of the Cambridge family which promotes in measuring your child’s potential and progress and is an invaluable tool in understanding and responding to their individual educational needs. Used by education professionals for over 30 years in more than 70 countries, CEM provides formative assessments for children of all ages. CEM’s methods are research-based, evidence driven and market-tested, built on a foundation of non-commercial academic practice. Wycherley International School was privileged to be chosen by Cambridge Assessments to be a part of a Cambridge CEM Assessments Trial Assessment Programme.

NITIN YADAV – REGIONAL LEAD FOR SOUTH ASIA REGION – (CEM ASSESSMENTS) says “CEM (Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring) are age appropriate assessments that provide a baseline measure of a student’s potential. We are delighted to associate with Wycherley International School and carry out the pilot programme for students in the age group of 5 to 16years. The Assessment feedback helps teachers get an objective view of their students’ strengths abilities in key areas. As part of CEM Assessments, we are glad to help in DISCOVERING STUDENTS’ BASELINE ABILITIES, UNDERSTAND THEIR CAPABILITIES AND UNLOCK THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.It gives me immense pleasure to be partnering with Wycherley International School, allowing teachers’ to set ambitious and realistic goals for their students. Quick access to stable and reliable data allows teachers’ to understand performance trends over time and target resources, guide curriculum & instructions. CEM Assessments that are widely being used across the globe has been instrumental in transforming learner attributes, and we are glad to be providing this learning opportunity for all”


Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe – Director / Principal Wycherley International School stated that “forty students from the Primary and Junior Section (Grades 4 & 7) were given the opportunity to experience this examination. The students chosen at random, belonged to the age category of 5-11 years old, they were enrolled to the INCAS category which basically tests students in six key development areas which are READING, SPELLING, MATHEMATICS, MENTAL ARITHMETIC, DEVELOPED ABILITY and ATTITUDES. This assessment successfully took place at Wycherley International School under the Health and Safety guidelines stipulated for COVID – 19.”

By conducting these assessments, the teaching staff will be able to easily identify and evaluate the student’s progress as the results were provided in the form of interactive tabular and graphical interpretations. The results were also provided in downloadable formats which could be utilized for further analysis and documentation purposes.

Wycherley International School takes pride in offering students to uncover their abilities, understand their capabilities and unlock their full potential by taking advantage in globally recognized assessment and evaluation programmes.

A webinar also took place with over 200 participants on the 8th of April 2021 with the participation of Mr. John Bunyan – International Business Development Manager Cambridge (CEM Assessments) and Mr. Nitin Yadav – Regional Lead for South Asia Region (CEM Assessments) to introduce this new evaluation system to all current and potential parents which helped them understand how this evaluation will benefit Parents in measuring their children’s potential and progress at Wycherley.

Mrs. Menik Fernando – Coordinator for Cambridge Education Programmes at Wycherley International School went on to say “CEM, being one of the largest and longest established research groups in the world of education provides learning assessments for children of all ages. Using an Interactive Computerized Assessment System (INCAS) they accurately measure a child’s potential and progress. Basically the CEM Team, help teachers turn “Data into Knowledge”. “That is, they evaluate each student’s performance and give us teachers a very useful feedback and thereby provide us the opportunity to respond to each child’s individual educational needs. I am proud to announce that our School was selected and was offered the opportunity to take part in this pilot programme, and we are the 1st and only School in Sri Lanka to try out this evaluation conducted by Cambridge.”

Cambridge Assessments International Examinations ranks as the world’s largest provider of International Education programmes for students. While offering an invaluable benchmark of learner performance, it also gives students a strong base in which to specialize and more importantly act as an International passport to success in the future.

o obtain more information on Cambridge Evaluations (CEM Assessments) and the Cambridge Programmes at Wycherley International School you may log onto www.wycherley.lk or call 0777 730730.

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