Progressing towards greater paradigms in Education with over three decades of Academic Excellence……

Wycherley with over 3 decades of Academic Excellence in Education, coupled with an internationally acclaimed curriculum, has certainly secured the position as, “one of the most successful and prestigious Schools in Sri Lanka”.

The Foundation of Wycherley is built on Tradition, Simplicity and Discipline. “Success through discipline” is what Wycherley always aims at. Instilling Values, Tradition and being a Culturally Nurtured International School, students will go into the world to build a well chiselled and disciplined society.



Today, Cambridge is at the forefront of research into educational best practices and is geared to deliver the highest quality school education. Grooming young minds to challenge any stance and think out of the box is the well-equipped syllabus the school follows, which is the Cambridge qualification.

The World is subject to constant changes and so Cambridge International Programmes also change with it.  As children progress from Grade to Grade, they are provided with challenges appropriate for their age and students are taught with the skills they need to succeed in today’s fast paced and competitive societies.

Cambridge Programmes at Wycherley lead seamlessly from Primary to Secondary 1 and then into Secondary 2 which is the O/Level and A/Level segments. The training ground for these successes start right from Year 1. The Cambridge Curricula at Wycherley covers English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, ICT Starters, Digital Literacy and Music for Students. It provides integrated assessments for each subject, in its Curriculum frameworks. Subjects recently introduced by Cambridge such as Cambridge Primary Art & Design and Cambridge Primary Physical Education, are in the process of being included in the curriculum as well.

It starts learners on an Educational journey, guiding them in what they should be able to do at every stage of their education. Wycherley International School also sets standards by pioneering to be the First and Only School to follow the CEM Assessments System of evaluation which endorsed by Cambridge University. CEM (Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring) are age appropriate assessments that provide a baseline measure of a student’s potential. The Assessment feedback helps teachers get an objective view of their students’ strengths abilities in key areas.

Apart from the main Cambridge Subjects that are being endorsed in the curriculum, students from Wycherley were also given the opportunity to be the first batch to attend examinations at Alliance Francaise for the DELF Junior French Language Programme conducted for Grade 6 & 7. Wycherley was the first school in Colombo to provide this certification for its students, providing an added qualification when seeking to apply for university and beyond. Certificates that they receive are from the French Ministry of National Education, which are of immense value for students. This is an official French Language Proficiency qualification with international recognition, that is valid for life and will be a valid Diploma for children between the ages of 12-17 years.

The Cambridge Primary checkpoint examination at Grade 5 and the Secondary checkpoint examination in Grade 8 help the students to grow up with confidence in facing examinations.

The Checkpoint examinations our children sit for, provides a feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the students in their key Curricula areas such as English, Mathematics and Science. These tests are available only to schools that offer Cambridge Curricula. They are marked by Cambridge and provide schools with an International Benchmark of learner performance.

Students are also constantly being given the opportunity to experience developments brought forward by Cambridge in terms of updates in the curriculum and advancements in learning materials. Students gaining exposure into the ICT Starters Programme gives them an added advantage to build their ability in learning to use a range of computer software at a young age.

When students move on to the higher secondary stage, subjects like Travel & Tourism, Environmental Management, Sociology are being incorporated into the subject combination providing students with a vast range of subjects to choose from.  With the New Academic Year, Wycherley aspires to expand on the advancements brought forward in the curriculum and subject combinations.

While opting for this well balanced program brings a plethora of benefits, it offers the element of convenience to both, the students and parents, as it is internationally recognized and based on the most accredited teaching requirements, methodologies and practices.



Delivering a curriculum to maintain global standards in Education and constantly upgrading the teaching methods at Wycherley, Dr. W.C.J. Alwis-Chairman of Wycherley International School, strives to introduce new technology advancements with digitalizing classrooms adapting to global delivery platforms from the new Academic Year in both Colombo and Gampaha branches. “I’m happy to announce that we are moving forward with the new building project in the Colombo School and with this project the school will upgrade its facilities for all its students. In addition to the developments taking place in Colombo, there will also be changes taking place in the Gampaha branch to meet Cambridge requirements, and the school will become the Only comprehensive Cambridge Education Provider in the Gampaha District.”


The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) ranks as the World’s largest provider of International Education Programmes for students. While offering an invaluable benchmark of learner performance, it also gives students a strong base in which to specialize and more importantly, act as an International Passport to progress and success in the future.


“Keeping in mind the future of Education, during a global pandemic, children will grow up to be leaders in a digital-first world that will demand new skills and innovative ways of thinking. Covid-19 has made us review our academic tools and geared the staff to innovatively plan out lessons and proactively adapt to online teaching methods utilizing global delivery platforms from the New Academic Year. We will be implementing personalised student and parent portals to elevate real – time access for parents to check their child’s progress. We are keen on preparing each student for life, enabling them to discover themselves and develop their interests and talents, to fully realize their potential and to achieve the highest standards of progress which they are capable of” mentions Mr. Dayan D.L. Fernando, Principal of Wycherley International School.


While the curriculum is designed to be flexible for better integration, schools can choose all or part of it to suit their learners’ needs, as it offers a wide range of subjects available in any combination. The system also provides immense support for Teachers as well, through Publications, Online Resources and Training and invests constantly in Research and Development to improve its programmes.


“Committed in presenting an outstanding learning experience, be it in the classroom or beyond, Wycherley International School continues to stand strong, having completed its third decade in the education sphere. By adapting the Cambridge Curriculum at Wycherley, a programme carefully curated for young learners, it enables children to develop their curiosity and creativity. It is entwined with a flexible student centric model backed up with high quality support for teachers and integrated assessments. We are proud to claim that with the continuous online assessments that the school conducted throughout the Academic Year, our students were able to complete their exams without a delay. This was definitely an advantage for students following the world recognized Cambridge curriculum at Wycherley as students did not have to face a situation where their exams had to be postponed.” mentions Mr. Malith Kumarasinghe, Coordinating Principal of Wycherley International School Gampaha.


“Wycherley is distinguished as one of the top International Schools in Sri Lanka, that produces remarkable achievements at Examinations. I am delighted to join Wycherley International School and looking forward to working together with my Academic staff to uplift the quality of education.  I am indeed excited to use new technology that is to be implemented to the school and make the students’ learning experience an enjoyable one with the New Academic Year.” Includes Mrs. Nelum Fernando, Vice Principal, Wycherley International School.


Cambridge is always moving forward and also listens to the needs of learners and Schools. The curriculum programmed by Cambridge, support schools by using learner centred and inquiry based approaches to learning. Cambridge offers a clear structure to guide learners’ progression from the start of Primary to the end of Secondary Education, and owing to this unique guidance, Wycherley International School takes pride in offering The Cambridge pathway enabling all students to gain confidence and receive an all-round experience.  While nurturing traditional social values in a multi-cultural environment, Wycherley strongly focuses on academic excellence as a stepping stone to “Internationalizing” its students and making them successful citizens of the world.

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